The first batch of STARBUZZ-startups was selected on September 4, 2017 as a result of a 2-stage selection process. Four startups were admitted to form the first STARBUZZ-class. The following startups take part in the first round of our accelerator program:


Kaufsafari UG (limited liability)

Kaufsafari is a B2B marketplace for new and exciting products from startups and other innovative companies. We target ambitious (online-)retailers that want new products for their stores and shops to differentiate from their competition. Startups are gaining a strong sales partner in Kaufsafari, as we grant access to our established network of customers and buyers that are excited to distribute great new products.



mindtainr is an innovative technology venture focused on Industrial-Internet-of Things (IIoT). On our multi-sided platform we interconnect industral machine operators and their machinery pool with industrial service providers as well as machine parts and equipment suppliers. With our state-of-the-art hard- and software solutions we lift our clients to intelligent predictive machine management and optimized maintenance processes.



Simply Control Your Parcels.

PaketChef is an innovative, consumer-orientated solution for an optimization of urban logistics. It is based on an independent, overarching IT Platform, which coordinates E-Commerce-Retailers, parcel services and consumers with a flexible and intelligent approach. The solution encompasses a single customer and parcel databases, a driver app for dynamic route-optimization in real-time and geo-data gathering as well as a white-label receiver app for the consumers to simply control their parcels. The software is offered as cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-model within a trusted and secure data environment.


Replex GmbH

As the central source of truth for all types of IT infrastructure resources, Replex provides complete transparency into an organizations entire IT infrastructure. Replex consolidates mission critical information providing actionable data to C-levels and devops alike. This allows business and IT decision makers to maintain a constant focus on the efficiency of the IT infrastructure, teams and cost base. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, Replex uses the myriad of aggregated date to produce optimization strategies that, on average, save over 30% on IT infrastructure costs.