Advantages for partnering companies

STARBUZZ is more than an accelerator program!

We do not only support startups in our accelerator program. We also create value added for our partnering companies!

Why? Basically, the challenges that established business are confronted with, are the same as those that startups face. We offer our partnering companies:

  • Access to startups, new business models and technologies
  • Support in recruiting highly educated talent based on excellent university relations
  • Formats for „business innovation“ with startups and universities/students.

STARBUZZ represents a win-win situation. In supporting entrepreneurs, you can connect to new exciting start-ups in your field, keep up with current industry trends, connect with other members of our network and you will be able to interact with cutting-edge concepts and refresh your own perspectives.

Most successful entrepreneurs and professionals have received help from advisors or mentors in their past. They understand that mentoring is their opportunity to give something back. Besides the corporate and personal benefits, being a partnering company and mentor means actively having an impact on moving the digital economy and new startups forward. This is a responsibility that our partners are also committed to.



R&D-Projects and Prototyping

Problem pitches, hackathons and other challenging formats with startups & students


Access to startups

New business models & technologies

Agile & disruptive approaches/concepts


New and unique ecommerce study program at HRW university of applied sciences starting in winter term 2017/2018

Collaboration with other key universities in the region


How can I become a partner?

We continuously extend our pool of mentors and partnering companies to be able to support startups in all questions related to their business idea or model.

To become a partner, it is a prerequisite to provide at least one mentor – an experienced manager or specialist – for the STARBUZZ accelerator program.

The mentor needs to be very familiar with the areas he/she plans to provide mentorship in and have several years of industry or functional specific knowledge. It is required that mentors have a strong desire to help startups, and share knowledge without the expectation of monetary or other concrete rewards. Prior entrepreneurial endeavors, experience with startups and emerging technologies are helpful.

Do not hesitate contacting us – we are looking for mentors in different generalist and specialist topics.

How much time will I be expected to spend as mentor?

The amount of time depends on the individual agreement between you and the startup you advise. The minimum time is about one hour per week.

We try to keep the physical presence as low as possible. However, there are major events that all mentors are required to attend. These events (split up between different dates) amount to 3 workdays in time that mentors need to invest.

Generally, mentors are invited to attend all events of STARBUZZ. It is your decision, how active you support or take part besides the required presence at major events or the individual mentoring.

STARBUZZ will also individually arrange key note speeches, one-on-one sessions and other formats with mentors, depending on their specialization and availability.

Required physical presence            

  • Meeting of Mentors prior to the start of the program (½ day)
  • Kick-Off Event Innovation Summit (½ day) and Demo Day (1 day)
  • First week: Take part in Mentor Mixing (assignment of startups and mentors) (½-1 day)

Optional presence (depending on availability of mentors)    

  • Speaker at Sprints / Boot Camp
  • Mentor consultation: One on One Sessions
  • Invitation to all STARBUZZ events (attending is great for the ecosystem, but not mandatory)

Startup Mentoring

  • Individual agreement between startup and mentor
  • No time minimum, all communications channels available (~ 1 h / week)