FAQ Start-ups

1) Which start-ups are supported by STARBUZZ, and how?

STARBUZZ focuses on B2B and B2C startups in digital commerce and logistics. If your startup is part of the digital commerce and logistics value chain or offering a solution for these sectors (this also includes e.g. marketplaces, payment or process optimization solutions, warehousing solutions, smart data solutions etc.) you can apply. If you are not sure, please do not hesitate contacting us.

In our accelerator, we support startups/entrepreneurs with an intensive coaching, mentoring and events program as well as with office space at STARBUZZ in Muelheim.

We help you to optimize and scale your business model, give you the opportunity to identify synergies and create partnerships or customer relations with our partnering companies, help you with teambuilding and recruiting, and provide access to seed and growth funding.


2) My startup is from abroad, can I apply?

Yes, of course! We are looking for promising startups from all over the world!


3) What is the vision of STARBUZZ and who are its partners?

STARBUZZ is the first independent accelerator for digital commerce and logistics startups. We honor the freedom of founders. We support startups at an early stage and offer founders a unique program that is tailored to their individual needs to take their startup to the next level.

STARBUZZ is supported by several leading companies from commerce, logistics and manufacturing to ensure a strategic fit to your core business. Startups are also supported by specialist mentors from renowned firms in taxation & law, strategy, marketing & sales, corporate finance & investment as well as information technology.

For detailed information on our partnering companies or our mentors, please click here.


4) Is STARBUZZ free of charge?

Yes, we do not charge anything.

However, since STARBUZZ requires your presence for at least three months, you (and your team) need to cover costs for moving and living. This is your investment for participation in the program, but the value added you receive during our program in terms of advice, knowledge, contacts and opportunities is invaluable!


5) How do you select which startups to support?

In a first step we review the applications. Out of these applications, we select the top startups that are invited to pitch in front of our STARBUZZ jury. The jury then selects the most promising startups to be admitted to our program.


6) How many startups are admitted to STARBUZZ?

We believe in quality and good teams. This is why we do not state a number on our site. We decide during the selection process how many startups we admit.


7) Does my startup / my team need to move to Muelheim or the Region?

Yes, at least the core team / founders need to move to Muelheim or a neighboring city to take part in our program. When applying, make sure you are able to move for the program duration to Mülheim or another city in our region.

STARBUZZ provides an office for your startup, so all you need is a place to live. We are happy to support you in this endeavor.

If your startup is from our region and it is feasible to commute, this is fine too.


8) During the accelerator, will there be time for my core business?

Of course there is! Our program is balanced so that you have sufficient time to handle your daily business tasks besides taking part in the accelerator program.


9) What sort of infrastructure does STARBUZZ provide to selected startups?

We provide your startup with sufficient office space, including other infrastructure such as internet, etc. 


10) Do we have access to other professionals and business networks?

We have a vast network of experts that we can draw into the program as needed. Furthermore, you will be able to make new contacts / extend your network during numerous events that we and our partners organize/hold during your stay in our region.


11) What makes STARBUZZ special compared to other programs?

First, we are special, because we are independent. Most programs offer you equity capital for a stake in your startup. We don’t. Why? Because we honor the freedom of founders. You have the option to choose your investing partner at the end of our program (Demo Day).

Second, we are focused on digital commerce and logistics. We are backed by top players in digital commerce and renowned specialist mentors in this field, enabling us to provide your startup with sector-specific expertise, knowledge and market insights that are of high relevance to your core business. Last but not least, our partners have excellent resources and channels for promising startups.


12) What happens after the three month program is over?

Our program culminates in Demo Day, an invitation-only event to give the STARBUZZ startups the opportunity to pitch in front of corporate partners and investors to acquire investment capital.

Depending on the development stage of your startup after the three month program there are two options:

You pitch at Demo Day: then our doors are always open for you – whether you seek advice or need other support. You become part of our alumni network.

You have a longer time to market and you have won mentors that support you: then we will extend your stay in the accelerator for a second phase of additional three months and you take part in Demo day at the end of the second phase.


13) Who should I contact if I have questions about STARBUZZ?

 Do not hesitate contacting our program manager Thomas Mueller: tom@starbuzz.ruhr