Interview with mentor Folkert Schultz


Why have you committed yourself as mentor? From your perspective, what makes STARBUZZ special?

Over the years I have benefited from very different personal support myself. And since I know how crucial this can be, I want to support young entrepreneurs, so that their extraordinary ideas can become successful. On top of this, the STARBUZZ way to interact certainly brings huge inspiration and enrichment to me, both personally and business-wise.

I think STARBUZZ is special, not only because it is non-profit oriented, but mainly because of the wide range of excellent partners and opportunities it offers to start-ups.

How can you support startups in your role as mentor?

During the past years I have gained a high level of portfolio management and retail experience. I am familiar with structures and the way of work in a global corporate group. In the last five years I focused on professionalizing a family-owned business. I can and want to pass this on to a new generation of entrepreneurs, especially the focus on customer centricity and the elaboration of new digital business models.

As a mentor I will also focus on each start-up individually and provide realistic and open, if necessary, critical feedback.

Why would you advise startups to apply for STARBUZZ?

One main aspect is the three months period that start-ups can invest into the success of their future. They are provided with excellent conditions to fully concentrate on their business development, get important input and support and build up relationships with relevant partners.

What do you expect from startups that apply to STARBUZZ?

The most important aspect is, that young entrepreneurs have to be 120% convinced of their idea. Only if this is the case, it is possible to become successful. Start-ups work hard, stay flexible and constantly track the business development to adjust, if necessary.


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