Interview with mentor André Orfgen


Why have you committed yourself as mentor? From your perspective, what makes STARBUZZ special?

Due to encrusted structures, established businesses often have difficulties and need a lot of time to implement an excellent marketing. As a result, a lot of marketing ideas evaporate already during the development phase.

Startups need a striking marketing. They have the opportunity to plan and implement a marketing strategy on a virtually “fresh field”. For me as marketing guy, reaping this opportunity with startups makes STARBUZZ highly interesting.

How can you support startups in your role as mentor? How will WOW AND HOW support startups as partnering company of STARBUZZ?

From “how” to “wow” – this is my mission at STARBUZZ.

With “wow” I do not mean a beautiful design. Creating the “wow” means a sound marketing and brand strategy, creativity and the utilization of top-notch technologies and tools to create startup success.

In digital commerce and logistics we combine marketing and sales in a new way.

Why would you advise startups to apply for STARBUZZ?

Berlin, Berlin… do not locate where your competition is huge - go where your market is!

For startups in digital commerce and logistics, North-Rhine Westphalia with the Rhine-Ruhr region is the market and location for your future.

STARBUZZ is independent and offers renowned experts to help you sharpen your business model and develop your business.

What do you expect from startups that apply to STARBUZZ?

In all the previous interviews my mentor colleagues have already said a lot of important things. Therefore, I would like to take a more emotional approach and add the most difficult expectation that I have for every entrepreneur:

Take time for your family and learn to delegate.

To delegate or involve is one of the most important challenges that an entrepreneur has to meet. It is impossible to do everything on your own. So you better learn it fast.

Learning to delegate ensures having time for your family. You need your family to be happy and, in turn, you need a happy family that supports you in all your endeavors. This is crucial for success.


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