Interview with mentor Johannes Mondon


Why have you committed yourself as mentor? From your perspective, what makes STARBUZZ special?

First of all, supporting an accelerator is a good and meaningful thing. An accelerator program is a tool for creating and fostering innovation. Startups are enabled to implement and advance their ideas, while partnering companies can learn from new business models and technology.

The independence of STARBUZZ makes the program special, since it provides startups with a freedom of choice. They are free in their decision making processes – whether in regard to new ideas, the advancement of their business model or in selecting suitable partners from the vast network of supporting companies at STARBUZZ.

How can you support startups in your role as mentor? How will 360° OPG and i!see events support startups as partnering company of STARBUZZ?

At 360° OPG we have initiated and implemented several own startup projects in which we have gained a lot of practical expertise. I am happy to share my experience with other startups.

Our day-to-day business is, however, classical online and offline marketing consulting. This is an important topic for all startups. I am looking forward to support and advise the STARBUZZ-startups in this field.

Why would you advise startups to apply for STARBUZZ?

There are two good reasons for startups to apply: First, STARBUZZ is free-of-charge, and second, as startup you can never get enough new contacts and support. Especially in the early stage, input from the outside is extremely helpful.

In the Ruhr region and in NRW, startups can access a huge number of potential corporate clients for new innovative business models, products and services. It is an ideal location to get a foothold in the market.

What do you expect from startups that apply to STARBUZZ?

Primarily, I expect sincerity and commitment from the startups – but I am sure this is a given thing. Startups should know what they want, but they also need to be open to changes and always be self-critical.

Last but not least, I expect from and wish for the startups, that at the end of the accelerator program, they have made a huge leap forward!


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