Interview with mentor Marcus Gropp


Why have you committed yourself as mentor? From your perspective, what makes STARBUZZ special?

Innovation is one of the main drivers in our ecommerce business. In order to be competitive as service provider in the ecommerce market, we need creative input from outside our company. It is my personal interest to give input to new business fields and get new creative ideas and thoughts for our own company through supporting and partnering with startups.

I believe that STARBUZZ creates a win-win situation for startups and established businesses like FIEGE. The extensive mentor network of established companies and startups from different areas and the accumulated pool of expertise make STARBUZZ highly interesting.

How can you support startups in your role as mentor? How will FIEGE support startups as partnering company of STARBUZZ?

My colleagues and I can support startups with general management advice, specialist expertise in areas such as ecommerce, fulfillment, logistics, IT and other topics. In addition, we can provide access to resources at FIEGE: whether it’s people with other specialist expertise, space, piloting projects, use cases or data.

My own expertise and focus for mentoring startups lies primarily in sales and business development, the evaluation of new service business models, end-to-end service solution architecture and in advanced data analytics.  

Why would you advise startups to apply for STARBUZZ?

The combination of top-notch non-financial support and access to investors is a strong argument for applying to the STARBUZZ program. Financial support is of course necessary for a lot of startups, but the input from experienced experts in combination with access to resources, like customers, infrastructure etc. is what really helps accelerating the business development of a startup.

What do you expect from startups that apply to STARBUZZ?

Just two things: openness and passion!


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