Interview with mentor Dr. Peter Wolff


Why have you committed yourself as mentor? From your perspective, what makes STARBUZZ special?

In the coming years, new technologies will have an even stronger impact on existing business models in commerce than we have seen already in the past. Selling offline and online, building brands, a more and more differentiated customer approach and highly individualized products are only some aspects that are increasingly relevant. Although this development poses a lot of risks to business models, it also creates massive opportunities for startups to position themselves successfully. The network behind STARBUZZ helps in speeding up the go-to-market process and to do this more successfully.

How can you support startups in your role as mentor? How will EnjoyVenture support startups as partnering company of STARBUZZ?

With more than 17 years of investment experience in startups, we have a strong expertise in company building and possess the network that is required for achieving this. In addition, I will support startups with my technological expertise. But often speed is more important than having the best technological solution.

Why would you advise startups to apply for STARBUZZ?

The best ideas and most promising startups are not developed behind closed doors. This is due to the fact that, today, innovation cycles are too fast. Startups should enhance their own ideas early on with strong partners and develop a market fit together. This is often only possible together with other startups and an excellent network.

What do you expect from startups that apply to STARBUZZ?

To be successful, startups need to work hard on their business model and themselves. They need to be dedicated through and through to their idea. Furthermore, they need to be open for feedback and take on a fully customer-centered approach.


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