The third batch of STARBUZZ-startups was selected on November 28, 2018 as a result of a 2-stage selection process. Four startups were admitted to form the third STARBUZZ-class. The following startups took part in the third round of our accelerator program:



We build an NLU-engine for the best German-speaking* chatbots that actual understand (*English added in 2019). The business model rests on recurring revenues from licensing the platform and operating and servicing the chatbots. Our strategy is to build best-in- class template bots for specific application domains and apply them via a copy-paste-customize approach across a large number of customers/use cases.  We strive to build a partner network/ecosystem for the majority of our business (ca 70 percent), but keep roughly 30 percent direct. We will have Euro 500' in revenue for 2018 (Euro 1m cost), and aim for Euro 2m in 2019, and Euro 4m in 2020.


lorylist GmbH 

lorylist is a food platform that informs about all products, e.g. about their ingredients, and displays the point of sale. The foodplatform exists as app and on the web. A quick search allows you to find all FMCGs and especially foods and place them on a shopping list. Filters support the user finding suitable products for his individual diet, e.g. vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, kosher and many more. Further settings of the filter can be saved, e.g. "no onions". In addition, users can save various diets and diets as pre-sets of nutritionists and professional athletes. In addition, lorylist shows where the products can be bought in the stationary retail stores and which products are currently available in the local area. Each product is displayed with a product detail screen and enriched with recipes, evaluations and further information.



STYLIQUE is an e-commerce platform that offers products for sale on the basis of renovation concepts. High-quality and unique products are curated and combined into finished room concepts. Customers can use these images for inspiration and configure and order all materials and sample boxes for their own renovation in just a few clicks. Also craftsmen and individual space concepts are to be booked over the platform to be able. This saves the customer time and provides easy access to room concepts designed by architects.



We are distributing computer vision systems for customers with a need for the automation of vision: Our products are embedded in the existing camera infrastructure to extend their functionality with new features. So no spefific sensor requirements are necessary and our customers can save money by not bying new sensors. We are experienced in the fields of counting humans or others objetcs and visual inspection.