The second batch of STARBUZZ-startups was selected on December 21, 2017 as a result of a 2-stage selection process. Nine startups - four international and five German teams - were admitted to form the second STARBUZZ-class. The following startups take part in the second round of our accelerator program:


Cargofy Inc. 

Cargofy is the easiest and fastest way to ship anything by truck through our digital innovation and transformative solutions. We seek to replace fragmented and time-consuming processes in the trucking industry.


Jumingo GmbH

We make shipping easier, cheaper and more transparent. jumingo is the new innovative online shipping platform that will revolutionize the long-established logistics industry. We want to become the one-stop-shop for worldwide shipping for private and business customers. You can already compare all major courier, express and parcel services worldwide and book shipments directly at discounted prices. Take full control of your shipments with our unique, modern and transparent real-time price comparison and our unified, fast and easy booking process for all transport services.


Linker (OSEC Software Sp. z o.o.) 

Linker is a unique, professional B2B software platform which enables logistics leaders to easily manage their e-commerce customers’ orders, shipments and returns. It allows to offer fulfillment services for hundreds e-commerce companies. Linker e-Commerce Fulfillment Cloud reduces customer onboarding time and costs, automates processes and billing. Although the company was established only this year, it has already gained the trust of international logistics companies. Linker processes thousands of orders and shipments worldwide.


onsuma GmbH

onsuma is a meta platform for online grocery shopping that compares the offers of various shops, optimizes customers’ weekly shopping carts and mediates them the right shops for their final order. To achieve this, onsuma combines user-centric approaches with machine learning routines in order to customize and accelerate the online grocery shopping experience.



The purpose of RoboCV is the development of robotic systems capable to replace a person in routine and inefficient warehouse logistics tasks. The main customers of the company's products are warehouse operators (3PL), retailers and other organizations interested in increasing the efficiency of warehousing processes. At the moment, the proportion of automated equipment used in warehouses is very low, and existing solutions do not provide consumers with the right quality and performance.


snabble GmbH (formerly sellfio, TARENT SOLUTIONS GMBH)

snabble is a mobile scan & go app. Running on the customer's smartphone, it enables shopping and payment in physical stores while bypassing the traditional cash register. Customers benefit from reduced waiting times, retailers enjoy higher throughput in the checkout process.


SHIPVIO s.r.o.

Shipvio creates new commercial opportunities for the logistics industry and removes potential loss for carriers as well as for shippers. The Shipvio Zero Loss Marketplace is the place where shipments are matched with the spare capacity of trucks. This leads to average savings of 20% in transportation costs for shippers and to extra revenues for carriers. The Shipvio marketplace also helps to significantly cut exhausting communication, to increase overall transparency and allows both parties to save time.



E-CargoBike-Sharing in a fully automatic system. With this system, people can easily and spontaneously borrow an E-CargoBike via an app or customer card in order to make purchases for example.


Wertewandel GmbH

Wertewandel rewards end customers across all industries with bonus points for purchasing sustainable products. For participating companies, Wertewandel offers a versatile tool for winning new customers, customer loyalty, detailed customer insights and innovative CSR communication.