We are the accelerator for your
digital commerce & logistics startup –
independent and well-connected!

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With our unique and independent accelerator, we take your startup forward!

For Start-ups

Your startup has a great idea, service or product related to digital commerce or logistics in B2B or B2C? As the first independent accelerator with a vast network of leading corporations and experts in these sectors, STARBUZZ provides the growth support and contacts you need to scale up your business model and speed up the go-to-market process.

We do not offer an initial equity funding for a stake in your startup. All you need is a motivated team and an investment of three months time in our first accelerator phase!

Find out more about our program and apply for STARBUZZ!

For Companies

STARBUZZ is more than an accelerator program! We do not only support startups, we also create value added for our partnering companies!

In supporting entrepreneurs, you can connect to new exciting start-ups in your field, keep up with current industry trends, connect with other members of our network and you will be able to interact with cutting-edge concepts and refresh your own perspectives.

Besides the corporate and personal benefits, being a partnering company and mentor means actively having an impact on moving the digital economy and new startups forward. Supporting founders and their ideas is a means of giving something back.

Find out more about our program and get involved as partnering company and mentor!


STARBUZZ Timeline 2017



> Updated SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

March 9, 2017
STARBUZZ application start

June 30, 2017
Application Deadline

August 2017
Selection of admitted Startups - more info on batch #1 here

October 2017
Start of Accelerator program

October – December 2017
Accelerator Phase 1

January 2018
Closing event of accelerator: STARBUZZ Demo Day



September 15, 2017
STARBUZZ application start

Novmeber 15, 2017
Application Deadline

Dezember 2017
Selection of admitted Startups

January 2018
Start of Accelerator program

January – March 2018
Accelerator Phase 1

April 2018
Closing event of accelerator: STARBUZZ Demo Day




About us

STARBUZZ is the first independent accelerator for digital commerce and logistics startups in Germany, focusing on B2B and B2C startups.

Together with leading corporate partners from the trade, production and logistics industry, we unleash the potential of innovative digital commerce and logistics startups. In this endeavor, we are supported by experienced mentors from IT, legal & tax, marketing & sales, strategy and venture capital firms. Explore our list of mentors and partnering companies to find out more about our excellent network.

Located in Mülheim an der Ruhr, in the heart of Germany‘s largest state North-Rhine Westphalia and Europe, we boast an extraordinary customer proximity in B2B and B2C segments – representing an important prerequisite for success, besides access to capital and the availability of highly qualified talent.

Based on our high-quality program and our partner network, we position ourselves as a leading independent accelerator for digital commerce and logistics startups. Our national and international network enables tapping into market opportunities for domestic and foreign startups.